About Gold Buyers

History & Culture of Gold Buyers

Gold Buyers is a business where the genuine care, value, interest and service of our customers is our highest mission. The success of Gold Buyers in all our countries of operation stems from the fundamental beliefs and vision of its directors, that is:

“To create a company that operates on the basis of integrity and accountability, that sets a new standard in the gold buying and gold recycling industries.”

Originally founded in the USA, the business was introduced into the Australian and New Zealand markets in mid 2009, and today Gold Buyers is recognised as one of the fastest growing businesses around the world.



Other new markets have since been engaged and the distinctive Gold Buyers stores and Gold Rush carts are now visible in shopping centres and malls globally with further expansion currently underway in Asia, Europe, South America and South Africa.

The growth of Gold Buyers is founded on interdependent, long-term relationships with our shopping centre partners. This is the cornerstone of our business, and these partnerships have enabled Gold Buyers to develop valuable relationships with some of the world’s most recognised shopping centre property consortiums.

Our stores and carts, in the form of free-standing, purpose-built structures, take prominence in the major shopping complexes throughout our countries of operation. We currently boast over 750 stores worldwide, paying instant cash to many thousands of customers every month, ably serviced by an army of trained gold jewellery appraisers.

Gold Buyers is fully committed to promoting genuine care and respect for the environment, supporting local charities and employing local talent for our stores.