Working With Our Real Estate Partners

The growth of Gold Buyers around the world is founded on the interdependent, long-term relationships we have established with our real estate partners, who are the cornerstone of our business. Our stores, kiosks and carts take prominence in all the major shopping complexes throughout our countries of operation.

Neighbouring retailers love our payment promise and the convenience and advantage of people being able to sell their gold on the spot and being cashed-up

  while on the premises. Our unique payment promise enables shoppers to spend their extra ‘gold’ cash with the surrounding retailers rather than elsewhere, generating a higher Customer Average Spend/Head within the shopping complexes. Gold Buyers and Gold Rush have invented a unique channel that reaches all corners of the marketplace and is underpinned by the strong relationships we have with our real estate partners. We are extremely proud to be in partnership with the following companies and look forward to bringing the Gold Buyers and Gold Rush integrity, culture and magic to them for many years to come.