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It all started 12 years ago...

A group of enterprising young entrepreneurs realized that the price of gold was on the rise, and would continue on that trend for a while.

They realized that many people had old gold jewelry laying around, broken jewelry. Now that gold prices were rising, they realized that this unwanted and unused gold in peoples homes could be converted into cash, thereby giving the owners of the gold some much needed cash for their disposal.

To facilitate this process, they opened a couple of shopping mall stores where individuals could exchange their gold for cash. The first stores were very successful, and the two soon became 10, then 50.

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Expansion then started in other countries, and over the next few years, the company grew to over 900 stores in 27 different countries across the world, employing over 4000 people and purchasing over $200,000,000. worth of gold and precious metals per year.

Times and economy changes, gold price dropped from $1900 to around $900, making the business no longer profitable. Today however, gold prices are quickly rising again, and showing no signs of slowing down. GoldBuyers realized the need for disposing of unused and unwanted gold jewelry was again present, and to that end has opened an online gold buying operation, bringing to that operation their vast experience in customer satisfaction, valuation and purchasing of precious metals.

We pledge to bring our years of retail knowledge to the online market, ensuring that your selling experience exceeds your expectations and that your proceeds from the sale are as high as they could possibly be.

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