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Terms & Conditions


Customers must be at least 18 years of age, they must be the legal owner of any items sold to GoldBuyers and must be operating on their own behalf. The merchandise must be free of any liens or liabilities. State law requires us to verify your personal information in order to process your transaction. This information includes name, address, birthdate, telephone number, email, and an identification record such as a valid drivers license, passport, or a government issued ID. You must verify that you are 18 years or older, and that the identification information you provide is accurate and that you are the legal owner of the merchandise.


Upon acceptance of our offer you may select one of the following methods of payment:

After acceptance, we will issue payment ot you within one business day in accordance with your choice of payment method. You are responsible for any third party transaction fees. You must verify payment methods and information on our website prior to payment. Any inaccuracies may delay payment. If you do not select a payment method we will issue a company check as payment. Customers must accept or reject an offer within 72 hours, if GoldBuyers has had no response to an offer within 72 hours, a company check will be issued in the amount of the original offer, and GoldBuyers will hold the item for 30 days or until the check is cashed.


GoldBuyers supplies pre-paid shipping labels for FedEx delivery. If you use our shipping labels and have a receipt and tracking number from a staffed FedEx locaion, we guarantee your package against loss or damage up to $1000. If you ship your merchandise using any other carrier, GoldBuyers does not assume any liability for package safety or loss, nor will GoldBuyers insure the packages under any circumstance. GoldBuyers will not be liable for any damages from loss or destruction of the property in its possession. If items are lost while in our possession, liability is limited to the least of the following: liquidation value of items as determined by GoldBuyers, 1/3 of the appraised value of the items providing that the appraisal was issued prior to receipt of items, or the sum of $2500. By sending the items to us, customer explicitly accepts this limitation of liability.


GoldBuyers guarantees to meet any competitor's pricing. In order to qualify for this price match, customer must send items in with written documentation of the offer from one of our online competitors. We will match their offer + 10%, not to exceed 90% of current days market price, or we will send your items back at our expense.


GoldBuyers guarantees satisfaction with our offer. If it is not acceptable to you, we will send back your merchandise to you at our expense via a carrier of our choice. We will require signature on delivery, if you choose to receive it with no signature, we will assume no further liability for the package. Items will be insured for delivery for no more than the amount offered by GoldBuyers.


Once we have received your items, we will value them based on the current day's gold price, the purity of the sent items, and the total weight of the items. We will then notify you of our offer for your goods. You must accept or reject our offer with 72 hours of the receipt of offer or we will determine that the offer was accepted and send payment at that time. If you reject our offer, you must notify us also within the 72 hours, at that time we will return your items to you in accordance with our return policy. We will require a signature for the returned items.

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