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We Buy All Diamond Jewelry

GoldBuyers will purchase your diamonds of all shapes and sizes. We buy loose diamonds as well as diamonds included in rings, necklaces and other jewelry items. We have international buyers standing by to purchase your diamonds. NOTE-we do not purchase diamonds less than 25pts, however, if they are included in a jewelry item they will help to increase the value of the item.

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When we receive your diamond jewelry, each piece you send is carefully tested using state of the art technology as well as examined by our GIA Gemologists.

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Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat.

Diamond values are determined by taking into consideration these four factors

Based on our evaluations of your stones, we will present you with an offer, a percentage of the wholesale value of your diamonds. We are most interested in Diamonds larger than .25 carat, or 25pts. Request your evaluation kit, send in your diamonds and receive a cash offer within 24 hours!

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